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Event Life is a newly created agency, which arises from the long experience of an incredible team of professionals.

Fairs can be from a wide variety of industries, from automotive, fashion, or pharmaceuticals, to communications, technology or food.

However, all trade shows follow the same process, and exhibitors participating in them have a very similar set of needs. We know them closely and we want to help you become the star of the event in which you participate.

In collaboration great things can be achieved

Our team

Logistics and Human Resources Team

It will help you with hotel and restaurant reservations that best suit your company’s needs and budget, as well as getting all the equipment where it needs to be at the time indicated through our fleet of private vehicles.
It will give all the necessary support during the event by professionals with knowledge of different languages.

Hospitality Team

They will make the break to eat and drink a moment to enjoy. Waiters and bartenders at your disposal!

Entertainment Team

It will make everyone forget about work for a moment and create truly satisfying relationships in activities you have never imagined.

Creative Team

It will give a touch of style to your booth. Because we don’t want any stand to be the same as another.

Audiovisual Team

They will take the best images and videos for your social media campaigns and general marketing material. Your corporate image will never be the same.

Cleaning Team

You won’t notice they’re there, but they’ll make your company shine as it deserves.

Behind Event life

Esther Sierra

Organized event professional with diverse hospitality experience who is always willing to assist others and work hard to make things happen. Fast learner with sales skills that help the team to generate leads during trade shows and exhibitions. Competitive skills in time management, flexibility and problem-solving because of all the international situations that I have been involved in. Strong ability to manage multiple projects with deadlines and connect with different kind of people.

Want to be part of our team?

By Esther Sierra

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