CORONA VIRUS: Events cancelled in 2020

That the corona virus has caused a worldwide crisis is not new, and it there are many events cancelled and posponed. 

This pandemic has caused the governments of several countries such as Italy and Spain to declare a state of alert without letting people leave their homes, while in other countries such as the United States it is not yet mandatory. Even so, many citizens are now in voluntary quarantine in their homes while sharing their day-to-day activities on their social networks under the hashtag #IStayHome. 

As expected, there are thousands of events cancelled by COVID-19. In this post we show you the ones that have had more impact and we inform you about the new dates that the organizations have announced for the moment. You can also watch the video version here:

Corporate events cancelled by corona virus

The event that kicked off the list of events cancelled by the coronavirus was the Mobile World Congress. The GSM Association, in charge of organizing the largest mobile phone event in the world, announced in mid-February the cancellation of this event because of the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances. Unlike other events, it has been completely cancelled, so the next meeting of the mobile communication industry will be MWC 2021, in March next year.

As a result of its cancellation and with the number of people infected growing exponentially, many companies decided not to participate in trade shows such as WATM, in the air traffic control sector, or INFARMA, in the pharmaceutical sector. Although WATM has been completely cancelled, INFARMA has been postponed. The new dates are from June 30th to July 2nd.

Social events cancelled by corona virus

Sport events such as the Olympic Games, which were being held in Japan this year, have also been postponed. This event, which is organized once every four years, brings together competitions in more than 35 different sports. After meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, announced the postponement of the games. The new dates will be August 24 to September 5, but in this case, 2021. Other sporting events such as the Australian Grand Prix and the NBA season have been completely cancelled.

Grand Prix

News that events such as Coachella, one of the world’s best-known music festivals, were also postponed have disappointed fans, who had already bought tickets and booked their accommodation for the occasion. In this case, the event has been postponed to October, while other events like the Ultra Music, an electronic music festival, have not been so lucky, with its cancellation in this 2020.

People partying in coachella

 Education-related events such as the graduations of thousands of students have also been cancelled. At the University of Toronto, they have even created a signature webpage to postpone the event that many students were looking forward to.

But this has not only affected the big events, but also all the local markets and events that were going to take place during these months. For example, Unlocked, a social enterprise based in Nashville that empowers women out of homelessness, is readjusting its strategy to sell the jewelry they produce. They were participating in more than seven events during the next few months, where their new line was scheduled to be launched. Nowadays four of them have been cancelled and all the rest haven´t confirmed yet their new dates.

Unlocked team

 The event professionals opinion

On LinkedIn’s social network, many professionals in the events and tourism industry share their concerns through the hashtag #postponedontcancel, and from Event Life we encourage you to join this initiative. This way, we will be able to move forward and get out of this little bump we are going through. 


#postponedontcancel #IstayHome

 New dates

Some of the fairs and congresses cancelled or postponed in Madrid and Barcelona are:

Mobile World Congress: cancelled

WATM Congress: cancelled

Expodental: cancelled

INFARMA: cancelled

FESPA: postponed (October 6th to 8th

Salón Gourmet: postponed (April 12th to 15th in 2021)

Expooptica: postponed (April 16th to 18th in 2021)

Alimentaria: postponed (September 14th to 17th

Expofranquicia: postponed ( September 17th to 19th )

Mobility Car Experience: postponed (to be confirmed)

Vehiculo de Ocasion: postponed (December 4th to 13th) 


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