FITUR 2020: What is it, what to see

FITUR 2020: What is it, what to see

Do you want to know what the latest trends in tourism are? Do you know FITUR, the most famous Tourism Trade Fair in Spain? 

If you work in the tourism industry, love to travel or simply want to see some of the most creative stands and innovative event activities, don’t miss our first video opening our Youtube channel

In this video we’ll take you from pavilion to pavilion so that you can get to know the inside of the venue. If you visited the fair, it’s not bad to recapitulate some of the best moments, and if you didn’t… look what you missed! 


It´s the 40th anniversary of FITUR 2020. Believe it or not, it’s one of the oldest exhibitions in Spain and it couldn´t be a better occasion to show it to you.

The fair is held at IFEMA, the trade show venue located in the northeast of Madrid. It occupies its full 10 pavilions, which as you can see on the map are divided by geographical area and by theme. Let’s take a quick look around the venue. Are you coming?

The hall 1, located to the left of the south entrance, is dedicated to Africa. Here you will find information about countries like Mozambique, Gambia, Senegal or Kenya.

Keep in mind that in this fair you will find people from all over the world, literally, even from the other side of the world.

The hall 2, located to the right of the south entrance, is dedicated to the Middle East and includes countries such as Iran, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

There are some very good deals at FITUR, so be prepared and choose your destination for the next edition.

In hall 3, we find America. They have also dedicated a part to LGBT Tourism and Festival Tourism. 

You will be able to experience some product tastings, like in Ecuador, where this year they gave out tea, chocolate and typical ceviche or see dance shows from Colombia.

On the other hand, in Hall 4 we find Europe, with countries such as Greece, Portugal and Italy.

Spanish official bodies and organizations are located in Pavilion 5, connected to Pavilion 7 and Pavilion 9. Don’t forget to stop by here if you want detailed information on all the Spanish tourism companies. In case you didn’t know, Spain is the second power in the world in tourism, and we have a lot to offer. In 2018 there were 82.6 million international tourists, who spent almost 90 billion euros in the country. Small amount right?

You can learn to dance at some of the booths. The exhibitors will be happy to welcome you and teach you a couple of tricks. There are also wine tasting sessions, because there is nothing a Spanish person likes more than a moment like this.

In Hall 6 we can see Asia and the Pacific. The design of stands like the one in Thailand or India will make you travel without taking a single flight.  

As with all international trade shows, there is always a sponsor. This year at FITUR 2020 it was Korea, with a staging production and activities for visitors worthy of attracting everyone’s attention.

There are also many activities, such as kimono shows.

Finally, in pavilions 8 and 10 we have the part of companies, technology and health.

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Although it seems to be somewhat hidden, we can also find a part dedicated to business tourism in the pavilion at the North entrance. 

We have presented the pavilions in numerical order, but what we recommend is that you go from pavilion to pavilion (first the left and then the right or vice versa) so that you do not miss anything.

As for the time of travel if you speed up the pace you can do it in a couple of hours. However, if you want to participate in the activities and walk quietly you can even come two days, spend the weekend and still have things to see. 

And here is our post about FITUR 2020. And you? Have you participated in FITUR 2020?

Tell us how your experience has been in the comments. If you haven’t and would like to do so in the next edition, share this post with the person you would like to attend and be sure to save the last week of January on your calendar, since the dates when it´s held are always around that time.

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