How to attract people to the booth?

How to attract people to the booth?

Are you tired of exhibiting at trade shows getting low return on engagement? Do you see other booths full of people doing business while yours is empty? Are you running out of ideas to attract visitors to your stand? Then stay and read this post because we have some tips you can start using from today. 

First of all, it is highly recommended to create a previous campaign (link to post 2 of lead generation) before the trade show. You must contact potential clients or suppliers from your industry and invite them to have a little chat with you or your team during the event dates. This is a game changer as you won´t have to be looking for people at the trade show. Instead, people will start to be looking for you. 

But that doesn´t mean you don´t have to approach people at the exhibition. On the contrary, it is totally needed. We highly recommend you that you hire professional booth staff.

  • Image hostesses will help you with general questions from the company. For example, when a visitor arrives to the booth all your team may be busy and he or she will be the first point of contact. They will offer them a coffee and direct them to the team when they are available. 
  • Lead generators will help you attracting people to your booth, qualifying them as a lead, and direct them to the right salesperson. They should be trained to give general information not only about the company but also about the products or services. 
  • Sales assistants will help you sell more by having a specific training on the company, the target client and the products or services. This will save you a lot of money from your budget as the whole team doesn´t have to travel. 

Languages knowledge in your team is they key to succeed with new potential clients. The more languages your team speaks, the better. It doesn´t matter if the team is not internal. Most people speak English nowadays and you will probably continue doing business in other language but the fact that someone welcomes them or said a couple of words in their language will make them feel at home. This is SO important in this type of events because people usually travel alone, they are far from their beloved ones and a little detail like this one will probably make their day easier with all the meetings they have. 

Even though this is a really good idea to attract people, there are many other ways. Nowadays the trend is using different interactive activities that may be interesting for the visitors like participating in a raffle, taking a picture at your photo booth or participating in a networking afterwork cocktail. 

In Event Life we can provide you with the best professional booth staff and design a bespoke experience. Are you ready to launch your next event to the next level? 

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