How to get ready for a trade show?

Event planning has never been easy. It takes months of preparation and a big investment of money and time. One simple mistake and you can ruin all your hard work.

Trade shows are no different, so we wanted to give you a quick idea of what needs to be done and when. This way, you will avoid last minute problems, have all deadlines under control, and be successful at organizing this type of event.

We can also give you specific advice if you are getting ready for Mobile World Congress, World ATM CongressExpodental or Alimentariasome of the biggest shows we work on.

Twelve months before the trade show 

Exhibitions are usually an annual event and we recommend to book your floor space as early as possible. In some of them, you can pre-book it in the same trade show from year to year, which could be the best option to ensure you get the ideal space for your company and the best location possible.

Then you should plan your unique selling proposition (USP) for the next edition. In case that you have several products or services you should focus on one and do some research about your target. If you have already done it: Congratulations! It will be easier for you as you just have to make an update on your information. That doesn´t mean however that you should skip this step, as interests may change a lot from year to year and your clients will change as well.

Six months before the trade show 

Six months before you need to have your booth already designed. If you are starting from scratch, make sure that by this time you have already a couple booth proposals to choose from.

You can also start preparing the sales strategy. This includes so many factors such as deciding who will be working on the booth, how many will be internal and how many will be external. You should be considering which promotional activities you will have, and whether you will make them onsite or out of the venue. Don´t forget to ask yourself how you will attract people to your booth: Will you create a specific funnel for the trade show? How will you qualify your leads?

Three months before the trade show 

If you are planning to travel with your team you´d better book transportation, accommodation and other logistics at least three months in advance. The reservations algorithms of many hospitality companies rise up prices when many people are booking so take this into consideration in order to save some of your company expenses.

One or two months in advance 

It is advisable to check a couple of months before the trade show with all your suppliers: menus in the restaurants, hostesses´ profiles, pick-up and drop-off timing for private transfers, printing of documents and so on.

To sum up, you need to plan your calendar accordingly to the trade show you will be participating. Here we have given you some recommendations to manage your time. In the next post we will let you know how to manage your money. If you want to receive more information, sign-up in our newsletter.

What is Event Life?

In Event Life we help exhibitors organize their trade shows by creating sales strategies, coordinating different services such as catering, transfers and hostesses, and measuring the return on investment after the exhibition. This way, the marketing manager (or whoever is in charge of the booth) can focus on their team and their clients, the most valuable assets of a company.

Moreover, we work every week throughout the year with all these services, so we know what we are talking about. The relationships we have are based on personal contact and trust, so we deliver the best services and save you a ton of time and stress.

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