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The perfect partner

“Event Life is the right partner for your event. They take care no matter which tasks and organize everything by heart!” 

Cornelia Holzinger, Event manager in Frequentis

Passionate to ensure the results and the final outcome

“Esther has been really  worked on the results and the final outcome. The staff they provided us was really sales aggressive and made our show a great and successful show. We are keen to take their services in future as well.”

Smarth Bansal, Product/Brand Manager in Color Jet

I couldn’t be more satisfied

With her you will find an active person, involved, responsible with the execution of her work, who will integrate naturally with you team.

Francesc Xavier Berjano CEO in Mediteranean Consulting

Extremely dedicated and talented

“She is an excellent professional, extremely dedicated and talented. I recommend it as a professional prepared for all the events and internancional partnerships, in diverse segments.”

Alírio Oliveira CEO in Master Farmacéutica

Powerful presence and engagement with the customers

She is creative and well connected and didn´t hesitate to use her skills and network of contacts to move forward towards success.”

Semsa Ferreira, Designer & Founder of inti ferreira